Silent Envy Productions is a production company founded by Sarah Martin in 2016. After discovering her love of behind the scenes work, she has been instrumental in the development of Television, Film, and video for several major production companies.

Silent Envy Productions is comprised of a team of experienced, dedicated, and hard-working crew members ranging from pre-production and set design, to post-production through delivery. Allow our experienced staff to help tell your immersive story from beginning to end.

Having completed her first feature film “Nefarious” in 2017, Sarah began pre-production on her second feature. During this time, Silent Envy Productions ventured into shooting corporate videos, documentaries, commercial, and advertising content.┬áIn her downtime, she shoots, directs, and produces music videos to try out new ideas and express her creative visions in short form.

2018; having just wrapped filming on her second feature film, “Menagerie”. While moving into post production, Sarah immediately began filming an innovative, fresh and lively television series starring Chef John Picciano and featuring a long list of celebrity guests.

In 2019, Sarah began work on her third feature film, “The One” (A psychological thriller about online dating gone wrong). Originally releasing March 2020, the pandemic delayed the release until March 2022 with a full house.

Throughout 2020 until now Sarah and her team have been traveling the country working remotely to create custom commercials for all types of business from coast to coast. From big name Casinos to Real Estate and products, there’s always something to be created! Let us guide you into creating your next custom commercial!

Always up for a challenge, and hungry for adventures. Sarah and her team are always open to new endeavors, eager to take on ambitious clients, and boldly bring to life their creative strategic marketing tools. Whether it be broadcast, web based, or in house promotional collateral. We will be proactive in walking you through the process from inception to completion.

To discuss your specific needs and begin the creative process, contact us at 347.618.0140 or email us at SilentEnvyProductions@Gmail.com