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this company has been doing my music videos for 2 years and they've always put in the same dedication then as they do now. If you want honest hard working people who will give you quality work at fair prices - give them a call.

Luis Mendoza   

Being on set with Sarah was a great experience. Sarah is organized and knows what she needs to capture.She has respect for her cast and crew and knows how to relax and share a laugh once we’re wrapped for the day. Watch out for Sarah at some major festivals and award shows one day - she has the drive and tenacity that is needed to thrill and audience.

kylie Garcelon   

Sarah, You do incredible job as a young and talented film maker,Actress,Model,Writer,Director,Editor,Author and Acting Coach you do amazing job. I love your films I always wish you the best .I can't wait until we both work on a film together I'm sure in the near future.....Eddie Rocky Rivera

Eddie Rocky Rivera   

I never acted professionally before meeting Sarah Martin. I had only been on-stage in grade school plays, preferring in high school the “behind the scenes” work of stage lighting and sound. When the opportunity came to be a background actor in her Silent Envy Productions 2017 horror-thriller “Nefarious” I took that chance.

I have seen Sarah’s other productions in modeling and was impressed by the quality and professionalism she brings to those fine arts. I was even more impressed by her drive, determination, professionalism, work ethic, technical skills and her human relationship skills while working with her on the set of “Nefarious”. She made everyone on the set feel important, no matter what role they had with her and her production company, and treated them with respect, whether you were lead talent, background talent, technical crew, catering.

She provided opportunities for people of all walks of life to work with her. We were a diverse cast and crew. Through the read-throughs, rehearsals, blocking, and production filming, she provided positive feedback and supportive coaching to those of us new to performing. Sarah was very open to suggestions and questions, and considered how they fit into the production of “Nefarious”. It was an amazing experience to work with Sarah and be part of a professional film production!

I was nervous at the Red Carpet premiere of “Nefarious” to see myself on the screen for the first time, but I was impressed to see the film and watch the drama unfold. Sarah had assembled a wonderful lead cast that fit their roles splendidly and had me on the edge of my seat throughout the film. I was very impressed by Sarah and Silent Envy Productions making “Nefarious” and I am excited for what they are now producing in their film “Menagerie”!

If you are looking for an energetic New York City / Long Island area film company to invest in, need a crew to produce a film for your company, or you want be a part of a dynamic team as acting talent or technical staff, I wholeheartedly recommend you contact Sarah Martin and Silent Envy Productions. I hope to work with Sarah again soon!

Craig Witkowski   

working with sarah is a complete joy she is compassionate with her actors and kind ,and a joy to work with.very professional.and staff is wonderful to work with also

Maryann Gorney   

Sarah Martin, it's hard to describe in a few words that span this woman's talent.

A cinematographer, actor, screen writer, director, go getter, She is all these things and more.

Sarah will utilize your abilities (be it as a actor, or behind the scenes) to make sure that you are confident and can make your work shine, as evident in the amazing reel she shot/edited for me that showcased my ability as an actor. She takes the time to dissect scenarios and people who have potential, to encourage them to push past their own mental barriers and comfort zones as well as adapt and overcome obstacles to make them work for her and her production team, as well as you. You will not be disappointed in what she has to offer to you in her plethora of abilities. I had the pleasure of working with Sarah on her film Nefarious and the way she was able to multi-task, flowing seamlessly from behind the camera and in front of it between takes was graceful, despite issues that would break most people, she overcame and inspired those around her.

Silent envy productions is built on imagination, dedication, respect, and caring nature that are corner stones for making movies and unique storytelling. I look forward to seeing the success that will surely unfold because of the intense dedication and ambitions she has that push her boundaries to do more with what she has given to her.

Michael G.   

When you want a team that works hard and really knows there shit you definitely hire them. They really know what there doing. They have great equipment. Which gives them the ability to shoot in 4K and it looks absolutely amazing, the detail is crazy. It was prefect for what I wanted them to do. There team is lead by an amazing woman Sarah Martin. She has this locked down tight. You get an amazing product every time you use them, 10/10 will use them again for my next project.

Eric M.   

If you’re looking for someone who will give 100%, anticipate your needs with a quality of product beyond the price point Sarah Martin & Silent envy will not disappoint, I highly recommend them

Christopher Osman   

Our son Tyler submitted to work on Sarah's film Menagerie and was chosen. He plays the role of Joey. We met Sarah in Conneticut to film for Menagerie and it was amazing!!! Working with Sarah was the best thing ever to happen to Tyler because she is very supportive and leads her team with confidence. Tyler is an up and coming star and Sarah was the beginning of it all with casting him as Joey for the film Menagerie. Folks keep your eyes open for Menagerie it is going to be phenomenal!! Great cast and crew with a lot of talent!!

Kim Williamson   

Sarah ist fabelhaft, sie macht die besten Horrorfilme, ich war verstopft und es erschreckte den Mist direkt aus mir heraus

Gertrude Vanderkempt