Moving into well along into our cooking show. We are excited to announce our latest celebrity guests on Cooking with Chef Johnny P. The amazing, Tony Lo Bianco (The French Connection actor), and his beautiful wife, Alyse Lo Bianco.

If you’re looking to book a celebrity on our show to have Chef Johnny cook for them! please contact us at 347.618.0140 or email us at

Directed by: Sarah Martin
Starring: Chef Johnny P
Featuring: Herb Williams, Tony Lo Bianco, Alyse Lo Bianco



A huge Thank you to Aragona Comedy & John Butera for putting together this successful fundraiser for Silent Envy Productions! With the help of the crew and talent it was a major success! We sold out of T-shirts, raffle tickets flew off the tables, and we made enough funds for all of our extra fees! Thank you to all who participated and helped us reach our goal! CHECK OUT SOME AWESOME PHOTOS FROM THE NIGHT! More to see on our social media page.


For those of you who have been asking us how you can help! Please join us Friday, June 8th at 7:00PM for this fun comedy show to help us raise funds for production!

*8 Comedians, $1200 in raffle prizes, 50/50 cash raffle & one free drink with admission*

Friday, June 8th!
7:00PM seating
8:00pm Show
American Legion Post 155
115 Church St,
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

*8 Comedians, $1200 in raffle prizes, 50/50 cash raffle & one free drink with admission*

Menagerie is wrapped!

The end of Menagerie is finally here! After 8 months of work, across 3 states, and 60 actors later, we have come to an end in production! Now our editors are hard at work in the editing room to put all the pieces together!

Menagerie is a movie inspired by a real life serial killer.

Directed by: Sarah Martin

Color Checker
on the film set of Menagerie #Menagerie

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Our new TV Show!

Johnny P also known as John Picciano is trading in his Cop hat for a Chefs hat, and things are really heating up the kitchen with this season of this new reality cooking show!
Chef Johnny P will be cooking up some delicious meals for a handful of our special celebrity guests! Stay tuned for Chef Johnny P’s family recipes, and amazing home cooked meals!

Check back weekly for more behind the scenes photos & videos.

Directed by: Sarah Martin

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Upcoming: Silent Envy Productions goes to Mississippi!

This upcoming February, Sarah Martin, Director of Silent Envy Productions is taking her talent and crew to southern Mississippi to film her latest horror film, Menagerie. Menagerie is about a serial killer who murders call girls and surgically removes their eyeballs (This movie is based on a true story).They’re scheduled to film for a week in south Mississippi, but that’s not all. They also plan to bring their production even further down south to New Orleans, Louisiana!

Menagerie is a Horror Thriller starring Avery Zangri, Robyn Babina, Kirk H. Andersen, Tyler Williamson, Chloe Williamson, Eitan Yehoshua, Jaycie Zelaska, Frank DeCillis, Frank Basile, & Joann DeCillis.